What we do...

Southern Pine Plantations is a Macon, Georgia based timberland
and real estate company specializing in rural land acquisitions
and sales, primarily in the Southeast. We buy large acreage; keep
some of the land that fits our long term management goals; then
sell some of the land as large investment blocks and some of the
land as individual tracts. We analyze and sort the components
of each transaction and use our flexibility to mix and match the
components to best fit the needs and desires of various investors.
Below is a list of typical components that we look at:
  • Merchantable timber-cash flow needs
  • Creeks, rivers and ponds-recreation and hunting
  • Cutover timberland-low entry price per acre
  • Premerchantable plantations-deferred income
  • Target rate of return
  • Target locations
  • Target price range
  • Row crop farmland-steady returns/commodity bet
  • Pasture land-cattle ranch
  • Alternative opportunities: carbon neutralization, wind energy, minerals, water
  • Higher and better use-area growth potential
  • Conservation-environmentally sensitive
We have the ability to move fast on acquisition opportunities being a
company owned by a single individual with no committees or boards
to slow the decision process. We always stand behind our word with
integrity and honesty and treat all buyers and sellers fairly, no matter
how small or large.

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