Our History

Southern Pine Plantations was founded in 1984 by Benjamin W. Griffith III. The original office was located in Juliette, Georgia in the building made famous as the Whistle Stop Cafe in the movie "Fried Green Tomatoes". Today SPP is headquartered in Macon, Georgia with offices in Florida, Montana and Texas.

Since the beginning, SPP's business has been rooted in timberland. Thirty years ago, 500 acres was a typical transaction, today it may be 50,000 acres or even 500,000 acres. No matter the size, our belief in the value of this type of land has remained the same. We believe in timberland as a growing asset, while also recognizing all the environmental and social benefits it provides.

We now own and manage over 150,000 acres in Florida, Georgia, Montana, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia. These properties provide not only timber, but also clean air, clean water, wildlife habitat, recreational opportunities, and carbon sequestration. These properties are not marketed for sale but instead are under long-term management. Additional we own interest in over 40,000 acres of mineral rights in East Texas.

In 2003, we separated our core timberland business from our commercial and residential business. Southern Pine Plantations Commercial Group moved from the company headquarters into an office nearby. Today our timberland acquisitions and sales are led by Pat Patton. The company’s holdings that are marked for long-term management are led by Travis Griffith. All these companies are still guided by Mr. Griffith.

In 2008, the second generation of the Griffith Family joined the company, helping transform and grow our business into the future. Looking forward, technology and the global shift in environmental thinking are creating new opportunities in natural resources. Biofuels, carbon sequestration/ global climate change, new harvesting and utilization technologies, wetland mitigation, wind energy, solar energy and water resources are some of the new frontiers in resource management that will evolve as timberland matures as an asset class. However, even with all the "new" possibilities, the same "old" basic fundamentals of supply and demand are still the foundation of timberland investment. Our population continues to increase, but we are not making any more land!

The following is a list of recent timber-related transactions in which Southern Pine Plantations, Inc or one of its related entities was the buyer over the years:

Acres Location Seller Date
9,600 MS Alexander 2017
26,300 GA Forestar 2016
34,100 AL, LA Hancock 2016
171,475 ID Potlatch 2016
4,002 GA Williams and Parker 2016
11,023 GA Plum Creek 2015
12,758 FL Mutual Land 2015
9,925 AR Campbell 2015
7,058 SC Hobcaw 2015
26,283 GA CF 2015
17,587 GA Am-South 2014
6,498 GA FIA 2014
5,498 AR Queens 2014
7,044 GA Cambium 2014
66,167 FL - Blue Head Ranch Atlantic Blue 2013
4,774 TX RMK 2012
12,686 AR RMS 2011
8,411 GA John Williams 2011
59,280 China, Guangxi Province RMS - Lee & Man Paper 2010
14,948 GA Rayonier 2010
18,552 FL St. Joe Paper 2008
59,589 FL St. Joe Paper 2008
18,137 MT Harms Estate 2007
20,000 FL St. Joe Paper 2007
20,546 TX Molpus Woodlands Group 2007
121,687 GA, SC, NC, VA International Paper 2006
13,224 FL International Paper 2006
9,074 FL RMK 2005
11,887 GA International Paper 2005
5,272 SC Doswell 2005
28,701 AR International Paper 2004
65,000 GA Weyerhaeuser 2004
53,056 TX Louisiana Pacific 2003
29,288 TX Louisiana Pacific 2003
8,884 FL Pru-Timber 2003
7,394 GA RII Timberlands 2003
16,127 SC International Paper 2002
16,939 FL Mutual of New York 2002
97,300 TX International Paper 2002
40,300 TX International Paper 2002
8,009 MS International Paper 2002
67,875 AL, GA Temple Inland 2001
90,717 TX International Paper 2001
28,477 AR International Paper 2001
18,252 MS International Paper 2001
11,493 TN Willamete 2000
30,000 GA, FL Rayonier 2000
35,000 FL Gilman Paper 2000
10,011 GA Great Eastern Timber 2000
135,000 VA Bear Island Paper 1999
70,000 VA Huber 1998
6,680 FL Forest Investments Associates 1998
14,000 TN Huber 1998

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